Positano Luxury/ Honeymoon

Positano is a gorgeous seaside town south of Naples. I would recommend this place for couples, or people who want to have a luxurious, relaxing vacation.untitled-27

How to get there:

Fly into Naples.

Private Sedan: hire a driver to take you to your hotel. Sometimes the hotel will provide this service for a fee. The roads are windy and very narrow, I do not recommend renting your own car to this destination.

$$$$ Eden Roc:
This hotel is on the main road, so the driver will be able to drop you off at the door. It is about a 10 minute walk to the beach and the rooms have spectacular views.

Be aware that some hotels near the ocean are not ideal to be traveling down with luggage. The cars are only able to go so far, so they drop you off and you have to walk the rest of the way with your luggage. Positano has a lot of stairs, you will be constantly walking on an incline or decline, this isn’t something you probably want to walk on while hauling your luggage.

$$$$$ Il san pietro di Positano
If you have a little more money to blow, this hotel would be the way to go. Services include access to a private beach, pool, tennis court, private yacht , boat trips, and shuttle service to and from the airport.

Lunch plans:

L ’Incanto: Enjoy Italian/ seafood entrees, and fruity drinks while sitting steps away from the beach.

Evening plans:

Dinner at Rada: Italian cuisine
Piano Bar: Head up stairs from Rada for some unique cocktails while enjoying some romantic music.


Cinque Terres Fishing Villages

Portifino consists 5 small fishing villages off the coast of northern Italy.
If you are on a budget, I think the best way to see the 5 fishing villages is to stay in La Spezia at an Airbnb.
If you want to stay at a hotel in one of the villages,  La Torretta in Manarola or Hotel Palme in Monterosso, are more flat of the five villages so these would be the best places to stay when you are hauling around luggage but be prepared to walk up some steep hills. There are no 5 star hotels in these villages but these look like the closest thing you can get to that.

Each Village:

Corniglia: Extremely high up on a hill, probably very difficult to get to with luggage.

untitled-9Manarola: second smallest of the 5 villages. Beautiful sunset, some great restaurants including the “instafamous”  Nessun Dorma. This restaurant can get very crowded, so I would go sometime after lunch, but before dinner. We went around 4pm and stayed close to sunset and we were able to get a good table with no wait.

Monterosso al Mare: Largest of the fishing villages with a proper beach.

Riomaggiore: a small u-shaped village, which is said to be the most photographed village,  few restaurants overlooking the harbor. a few boats in the harbor you can rent or do some trips to the other villages. Also able to swim in the harbor, bring your goggles, it is extremely clear water.


Vernazza: Beach, boutique shops, and harbour. Doria Castle is here which was used as a look out for pirate raids back in the day

How to get to the villages:

Boat: If you are staying in La Spezia, there is a port with boat rentals that will take you to each of the villages. You can go on the public boat, which I can only imagine will be quite crowded in the high season, or you could rent a private boat with a skipper.

Train: Traveling by train, it is easy to get from one village to the next. There is a central station in La Spezia that takes you straight to the fishing villages.

What to do:

Sentiero, also known as the “blue” coastal trail. This trail goes through all 5 villages. The hiking path is said to have spectacular views and is part of the UNESCO world heritage site. You can start in Monterosso and head south or Riomaggiore and head north. Check out the status before you leave, certain times of the year some of the trails will close down for safety precautions due to landslides.


Fried cone seafood in Riomaggiore.

Geloato! This can be found in all the villages.

Yoga: 5 simple poses to start the day

When traveling sometimes the furthest thing from your mind is exercise . Long flights, fatty foods, alcohol intake are all part of a normal vacation but exercise while traveling is very important. Hotel rooms can be small, and they don’t always come with a work out facility, so simple yoga moves can help you start the day feeling rejuvenated. All you need is a towel and small space. These 5 poses are great for your cardiovascular system, as you scroll down, I will list the major health benefit each pose focuses on.


Helps open the lungs

Alleviate lower back pain

Improves digestion

Strengthens your arm muscles

Elevates mood


Forward folduntitled-11

Alleviates stress

Lowers blood pressure

Activates abdominal muscles

Strengthens your spine


Triangle poseuntitled-24

Strengthens joints, spine and muscles

Stimulates abdominal muscles


Low Lungeuntitled-32

Strengthens your knees

Stretches your hips

Helps build mental focus


Childs Poseuntitled-27

Helps with fatigue

Alleviate stress

Stretches your back torso

Relaxes the front of your body



I am far from a professional photographer, but because I’ve been traveling the world, being a picture taker has become my favorite hobby. Here are some of the devices I use to capture the coolest spots.

Everyday use:
Nikon D3400
This is a beginners camera with a guide button to change the aperture, and shutter speed automatically by choosing the kind of image you are trying to portray. (If you know how to do that manually it is easy to choose your own settings.)53532094571__747E702D-D88A-4634-B1D3-F1221EA361BE
18-55mm. “Kit Lens” This camera comes with this lens and is easy to use for all types of pictures.
70-300mm. This lens also comes with the camera, as a package deal. It has a mega zoom but I have never used it just because it was a big lens to be carrying around, don’t get me wrong it’s definitely a good lens I could have used a few times on my trips and I wish I would have had it.
35mm. This lens allows you to choose a low aperture to focus on one thing and get the “blurry background” effect.
10-20mm. The wide-angle. This lens is my favorite and the one I use the most to get as much in the images as possible, especially when shooting landscapes.untitled-4

Go Pro:
Hero 4. This is best for underwater shots, or activities that require a more durable camera.
Accessories we use for this camera is the go pro dome, to get half under and above water shots.untitled-8

Drone :
DJI mavic pro. This is easy for traveling due to its small size, and light mobility. The image quality is also better with this specific model because it shoots in 4k.untitled-74

Traveling to Morocco

There are many different cities that are quite popular in Morocco but only a few I would recommend going to.

  1. Marrakesh: seems a bit more quaint than the other cities. The markets can get a bit pushy on what they are selling but all are different, each selling something unique.untitled-4untitled.jpg
  2. Chefchaouen: also known as ‘the blue city’. This is a pearl in the middle of Morocco. A very small town, mostly locals and you aren’t harassed at every street corner you turn down.untitled-18.jpg
  3. Sahara desert: of course this has to be a stop on everyone’s list that is going to Morocco. Seeing nothing but sand for miles and miles watching the sun rise and the sunset, laying under the most sparkling stars you’ll ever see. This is a one of a kind adventure that you don’t want to miss out on.untitled-31.jpg
  4. Fez: This place is a pretty big city, looking out over the city from the hills above is pretty cool. Other than that, I wouldn’t recommend going. The street vendors are all the same, nothing original I would want to purchase here. Not to mention I felt like I was being harassed just walking through the markets here. The restaurants are bland, and only have a small menu of chicken kabob, couscous, and tagine. Don’t get me wrong the tagine is fabulous but when that is all you have to eat all day every day it gets a bit old.

Where to stay?

Riads. They are very welcoming and safe to stay. They are originally palaces, or big family homes, with Moroccan style architecture, and rooms on two or more floors all surrounding a courtyard. These places made me feel at home, they are normally back away from everything and it feels very safe. They welcome you with mint tea and food, if you requested it. Some of the best food I had in Morocco came from the riads homemade food so I would recommend eating here if you have the chance. You can just google ‘Riads in Morocco’ a list will come up on the places they have around the area you are looking for.


Tours; The Sahara desert tour.

We went with Authentic Morocco. This tour was from Marrakech to Fez, three days two nights, and we booked the luxury option which was about $1800. They have tours from different destinations, so it depends on which ever city’s you want to see. There are also cheaper options by taking a bus, and sleeping in tents. Check out my Sahara Desert blog for more info.

Have a great time! Message me with any questions!

Sahara Desert Luxury Tour

Luxury 3 days 2 nights.

There are plenty of companies that plan day trips for where you want to go in Morocco. We went with Authentic Morocco, and this is the experience we had.

Day 1.

Private driver will pick you up from your riad about 9am and you will start your 9 hour drive into the desert. They have a few stops for some cool sites on the way. They day ends about 6pm. The hotel is included in the price of the tour. So lounge by the pool while they serve you some authentic Moroccan cuisine.untitled-70



Day 2.

The day starts at 8am. The same goes for the second day, the driver will stop a few times for food, and sight-seeing. You will arrive around 6pm in the dunes where your camels will be waiting for your arrival. You will take about an hour and a half camel ride through the desert to watch the sunset. After sunset you ride your camels back to the luxury camp site where they greet you with cold rosewater towels. As we all know the desert dunes are full of sand, so they kindly provide a walking path of rugs to guide you to your tents. These tents have a king bed, sitting area, and private bathrooms. Outside you have a sitting area to enjoy a glass of wine while they prepare your dinner. Your dinner will be served in a large tent, with 4 appetizers, four large entrees, and desert! So I hope you come hungry! After dinner you can enjoy the view of 1000 stars.

Day 3. Outside your tents they prepare you with a large breakfast, and coffee while you enjoy the sun rise. After breakfast a Toyota 4 runner picks you up and takes you to meet your driver at the front of the camp. You then begin the journey to Fez. It is about a 10 hour day as well, you stop at some sites along the way and around an hour for lunch. The driver drops you off at your riad around sunset, so you are able to walk the city for a little bit and grab some dinner.

Traveling to Pisa


Pisa is a small town about an hour outside of Florence. A day trip is all the time I would recommend spending in Pisa.

If you are renting a car, it is basically a straight shot from Florence on one of the major interstates. Google maps is the best way to go when you don’t want to use your data and don’t have wifi on the roads.


There is a popular train route that takes you to Pisa from Florence. You can purchase tickets online, they leave several times per day.

What to do there:
The tower of Pisa. Yes, the Italians have a structure that appears to be “leaning” due to apparent foundation problems.
At the tower, you are able to walk up the top and see panoramic views, for a small price.

Gelato! At every corner, its Italy, Gelato can not be passed.
Donor kebab. Shaved meat from a rotisserie, they make into a popular sandwich.



Sleeping in an Igloo.

I can understand that the idea of staying in an igloo may not sound very appealing, but if the igloo is made of glass and you’re lying under the northern lights, its a pretty big game changer. Sure, you’ll have to travel to a far arctic place to experience this wonder of the world, but that is what makes it all worth while. In northern finland at Kakslauttanen I was able to make this sort of experience a reality.

First things first; the easiest way to get to the resort is a shuttle that takes visitors from the airport directly to the hotel, but if I may encourage you to rent a car, it makes running back and forth to the grocery store and restaurants that are off the resort property much more easily accessible. Just watch out for reindeer, these fluffy guys like to hang out near the roads, but don’t worry all the rental cars are highly equipped for the weather. Getting your things to your igloo is also a bit of a hassle. This place is pretty big, but they only give you a sled to take all your luggage to your room, so if you don’t have a car, you’ll have a pretty intense snow hike added to your agenda. I suggest having reliable snow boots. (Try finding some Sorel winter boots,a lot of the locals were wearing them.)

There are different varieties of igloos. Don’t be sticker shocked; you get what you pay for here. There are small and medium sized igloos. The only difference between the two is that the latter has an in-unit shower. If you opt for the smaller sized option, you will have to go to the reception center to use the public showers, as well as using the saunas. The large igloo is directly connected to cabin living space that includes a private in sauna, kitchen area, fireplace, and dining area. If you’re planning a group trip, the cabin is definitely worth springing for.

DCIM104GOPROGOPR3694.JPG This once in a lifetime experience also has some great activities you can do if you plan accordingly. All of the excursions are about 2-4 hours, some even 8 hours depending on weather. Broken up in the middle with a 30 minute break as warm beverages are served. They have snowmobiling, reindeer sled rides, and husky sled rides. Be sure to make a reservation ahead of time, spots fill up fast and it will be less likely they will have any availability if you try to reserve the day of. Most of these excursions are hunting to find the auroras, don’t be disappointed, as they are only seen on a clear night. It is said that the auroras are best seen in the months October-march. However, some snow storms can hit, leaving you less likely to see anything through the thick snow clouds.

After all, there is so much to do at this resort, and it gives you memories that will last a lifetime. Its not the type of place where you can just ‘wing it’, it requires a detailed plan of every hour of your day, they definitely have things going on that will keep you busy all day long. Also dont forget to try the ‘reindeer piss’ at the bar in the lobby, it might just keep you coming back for more.