If you want to see historic churches, castles, and famous architectural monuments, some in which have survived the Spanish civil war, all while soaking up some summer sun, Seville is where you want to be. Im going to make this quick and to the point, since there is so much to experience in this southern capital.

  1. Tapas, Tapas, Tapas. Enjoy a menu of family style entrees and sherries.
  2. Bike tours (or walking tours) of course, this is always my go-to. If you want authentic information explained by a local, walking or riding around the city, absorbing your surroundings, in a duration of about 3 hours. The city is quiet large so seeing the city by bike makes it easily accessable.
  3. Flamenco dancing! Some venues require reservations so be sure to do some research on one you plan to attend. These places can get busy, so go early, grab a glass of red wine, and enjoy the famous flamenco dance.
  4. Learn about bull fighting at the bullring museum. Even if bull fighting doesn’t fascinate you, it is still interesting to see the oldest bullring in the world, and where it all began.untitled-55
  5. Fan of Game of Thrones? Check out the Alcazar of Seville, also known as Dorn. This place is pretty big so grab some headphones on the way inside, and listen to the guided audio walking tour.untitled-11.jpg


6. Where to stay. Renting out an Airbnb gives you the freedom if you have a big group and it can also cut cost than renting a hotel. On the other hand, if your not wanting to cook or be in you place that much, renting a hotel room can be easier. Check out Airbnb or Expedia for details.

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