I am far from a professional photographer, but because I’ve been traveling the world, being a picture taker has become my favorite hobby. Here are some of the devices I use to capture the coolest spots.

Everyday use:
Nikon D3400
This is a beginners camera with a guide button to change the aperture, and shutter speed automatically by choosing the kind of image you are trying to portray. (If you know how to do that manually it is easy to choose your own settings.)53532094571__747E702D-D88A-4634-B1D3-F1221EA361BE
18-55mm. “Kit Lens” This camera comes with this lens and is easy to use for all types of pictures.
70-300mm. This lens also comes with the camera, as a package deal. It has a mega zoom but I have never used it just because it was a big lens to be carrying around, don’t get me wrong it’s definitely a good lens I could have used a few times on my trips and I wish I would have had it.
35mm. This lens allows you to choose a low aperture to focus on one thing and get the “blurry background” effect.
10-20mm. The wide-angle. This lens is my favorite and the one I use the most to get as much in the images as possible, especially when shooting landscapes.untitled-4

Go Pro:
Hero 4. This is best for underwater shots, or activities that require a more durable camera.
Accessories we use for this camera is the go pro dome, to get half under and above water shots.untitled-8

Drone :
DJI mavic pro. This is easy for traveling due to its small size, and light mobility. The image quality is also better with this specific model because it shoots in 4k.untitled-74

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