Traveling in Greece

Tours:  Walking some of the most historic cities is be incredibly captivating for tourists and locals. Starting your trip in Athens with a Free Walking Tour helps you gain an understanding of the rich history. These tours are normally led by locals who are very passionate about sharing their city’s story. Their genuine enthusiasm and knowledge of the city is translated wonderfully. The typical tour lasts about three hours and you can expect to walk away with a true understanding of Athens and it’s culture over the years. It is also a great way to find areas and places the locals hang out as well as some cheap authentic greek cuisine.

Accommodations. I highly recommend staying at airbnbs while traveling in Greece. I’ve never had a more memorable trip than when staying in Greece. Make sure to read the reviews, anything over 10 reviews is legit, if you see an Airbnb with 2 reviews and sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Staying in airbnbs the hosts make you feel as if you were a long lost family member they just met. All The while staying in greece I’ve had the host greet me with coffee, drove me around town, invited me to a dinner party at their home where they prepared traditional homemade Greek food, gifted me with a bottle of wine made at a local winery, and shared history of growing up there. While the tours are able to offer history of Athens, the hosts are able to offer firsthand experiences about growing up in this picturesque city that they are able to call home, it really is a great way to see the difference of cultures, and the way they live. I’ve never experienced greater hospitality than I have here in Greece.


The Islands.
Santorini; The best way to get around the islands is a scooter or four wheeler, whichever you prefer. The roads are windy and narrow, so this way of transportation is the way to go. Its also easier to hop off and see some goregous scenery on the backroads. Check out tripadvisor for some private boat tours normally includes drinks, and food while taking you to some of the unique places around the island like the beaches, or even the crater! The Sunset is mesmerizing in Santorini. If you are looking for a romantic dinner on the water, head to Oia. The place to go here is called ‘Sunset’, call ahead and reserve a table on the water, the view is unbeatable.

Zakynthos; yes you guessed it, the island with the famous shipwreck beach. This island has grown popular with tourists over the years now that there is an international airport on the island, so it can get pretty crowed with people trying to take advantage of you. Once again staying at an Airbnb is the way to go, the host drove us to get a rental car and told us all about the places to go and not to go. Also, the island is much bigger than Santorini so I would not recommend getting a 4wheeler, rental car is strongly recomended. As you head north of the island towards the shipwreck beach there are a lot of people are on the roads trying to get you on the boats of their company, which a lot of tourists fall for, I would not suggest going with these companies, most of the time they only allow a few moments to swim in the caves and can be a bit pricy for what they have to offer. We drove all the way to the furthest point of the island, be careful the roads are narrow and windy, we went with a company called Potamitis Brothers. It was pretty secluded and not over crowded. The rates are 15 euro per person and its an hour and a half boat ride to the blue caves, and an hour and a half for the shipwreck. Getting to the beach is about 15 mins, they drop you off on the beach for an hour, which is just enough time, and then they come pick you up. If you go to the blue caves around 12, when the sun is right above you the caves turn your whole body blue, and it is a magical experience. This is worth the 15 euro and a bit longer drive up the hill.

Have a great time in Greece! Email me or leave a comment for any questions!


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