The city of lights.

Ooh la la. Paris, a summer abroad. Whether you’re painting your masterpiece, becoming the next Pablo Picasso on left bank, or strolling along Rue montorgueil, and sampling sugary snacks along the right bank, Paris will keep your summer abroad fulfilling. Now let’s do as the Parisians; wake up, grab your chapeau and begin the day.

Across endless roads of cobblestone, and restless nights at Le Baron, Paris has become a muse to us all but nothing is more wonderful than seeing this city lit up at night. Of course, the first thing everyone wants to cross off their list when they come to paris, is seeing the one of a kind iron structure located on champ de mars that keeps everyone coming back for more. The effile tower sparkles for the whole city to see every hour on the hour, and when it does the city, and tourists are mesmerized.DSC_7012

Moving on, the arc de triumph. Another one of paris most famous monuments, which napoleon I had built to honor his army. A tomb of an unknown solider lies here, and a candle is lit every night in remembrance. This 164 foot tall monument has a 284 step stairwell inside and the view from the top is worth every step.

The Louvre; The worlds largest museum. This place first started out as a fortress to protect the city from viking attacks, and then went on to house Louis XIV before he moved his home to Versilles. The museum expanded a great deal over time and then of course in the 21st century the Pyramids were built. This grand museum holds some of the work of the most famous artists since the beginning of time. Yes, this museum is where the mona lisa sits, alone on a free standing wall in the middle of the room. Lines can be extremely long waiting to get into this place, by purchasing the paris pass you are able to skip the line and walk right in, worth every penny. This pass can also get you into a lot more attractions in Paris so don’t forget to check it out before your trip abroad.DSC_6769


The palace of versilles. Outside the city lights, in what then was a quiet country side, is where king louisXIV built his palace. This is where the chandelier room sits,also know as the hall of mirrors, with hundreds of visitors each day. Get there early this place fills up fast and the lines can get extremely long, but its worth the wait. You can walk through the palace and see the history through all the rooms, or you can wander around the property, where they have gardens, a few cafes, and The estate of Trianon which was the home of Queen Marie Antoinette.DSC_7346

Notre Dame, “Our lady of Paris.” A cathedral catholic church that sits along side of the seine. Climb upstairs to enjoy wonderful views of the city while rubbing the shoulders of a gargoyle. The architecture will leave you breathless.


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