NYC weekend getaway. 

Welcome to New York. Some places can be off the map, and very hard to find in NYC, unless you are a local. Dont forget to check out these places on your weekend in the city.

Laduree; One of frances luxurious bakeries filled with sweets. This is where the worlds known sellers of the macaron are sold everyday. They also have full menu of food, and take it from someone who’s dined at the most exquisite resturants in Paris, the food at laduree is authentic French food, bon appetit!
Serendipity 3. This place is very quaint and cozy. It is located in the upper east side of Manhattan. When you approach the resturant, you walk downstairs to enter the building, which I thought was odd, but don’t let that scare you off, serendipity is a place you’ll want to go back to every time you’re in New York!
Tavern on the Green. Located in Central Park, in a serene setting, with a outdoor patio and strands of lights overhead. Great for datenight.

230 on fifth. The best rooftop bar I’ve been to in NYC. This bar has panoramic views of the entire skyline. Great place to relax and sip some bubbly with a few friends.
Brunch at the Kimberly Hotel. Sit in some comfy seats and enjoy the view.

N-Y-C- you later!

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