Sleeping in an Igloo.

I can understand that the idea of staying in an igloo may not sound very appealing, but if the igloo is made of glass and you’re lying under the northern lights, its a pretty big game changer. Sure, you’ll have to travel to a far arctic place to experience this wonder of the world, but that is what makes it all worth while. In northern finland at Kakslauttanen I was able to make this sort of experience a reality.

First things first; the easiest way to get to the resort is a shuttle that takes visitors from the airport directly to the hotel, but if I may encourage you to rent a car, it makes running back and forth to the grocery store and restaurants that are off the resort property much more easily accessible. Just watch out for reindeer, these fluffy guys like to hang out near the roads, but don’t worry all the rental cars are highly equipped for the weather. Getting your things to your igloo is also a bit of a hassle. This place is pretty big, but they only give you a sled to take all your luggage to your room, so if you don’t have a car, you’ll have a pretty intense snow hike added to your agenda. I suggest having reliable snow boots. (Try finding some Sorel winter boots,a lot of the locals were wearing them.)

There are different varieties of igloos. Don’t be sticker shocked; you get what you pay for here. There are small and medium sized igloos. The only difference between the two is that the latter has an in-unit shower. If you opt for the smaller sized option, you will have to go to the reception center to use the public showers, as well as using the saunas. The large igloo is directly connected to cabin living space that includes a private in sauna, kitchen area, fireplace, and dining area. If you’re planning a group trip, the cabin is definitely worth springing for.

DCIM104GOPROGOPR3694.JPG This once in a lifetime experience also has some great activities you can do if you plan accordingly. All of the excursions are about 2-4 hours, some even 8 hours depending on weather. Broken up in the middle with a 30 minute break as warm beverages are served. They have snowmobiling, reindeer sled rides, and husky sled rides. Be sure to make a reservation ahead of time, spots fill up fast and it will be less likely they will have any availability if you try to reserve the day of. Most of these excursions are hunting to find the auroras, don’t be disappointed, as they are only seen on a clear night. It is said that the auroras are best seen in the months October-march. However, some snow storms can hit, leaving you less likely to see anything through the thick snow clouds.

After all, there is so much to do at this resort, and it gives you memories that will last a lifetime. Its not the type of place where you can just ‘wing it’, it requires a detailed plan of every hour of your day, they definitely have things going on that will keep you busy all day long. Also dont forget to try the ‘reindeer piss’ at the bar in the lobby, it might just keep you coming back for more.

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