One night in Bergen

This city maybe ‘off the map’ and people on vacations may not want to spend their time sitting inside, or walking under their umbrellas but in-between mountains and fjords this city lies with panoramic views that are breath-taking.

  • The Hotel: Scandic Ornen. The location is great, makes walking from place to place easy, and just a few blocks away from the train station.
  • The restaurant: Bryggeloftet & Stuene. This is one of the best restaurants I have had the pleasure to dine in. Once you get inside, there is a smaller restaurant on the main level, but upstairs there sits a more formal dining area, and open late hours.  Don’t forget to try their mussels, they are exquisite.
  • The bar: No Stress. Do not be alarmed when you realize this bar is located in a narrow alley off a side street. (Bergen is one of the safest places in the world, with nothing to worry about.) This place resembles a ‘speakeasy’, with one of a kind crafted cocktails. Cheers!FullSizeRender
  • Night Walk: The sidewalks roll up at night around Bergen, but the quiet city gives you a peace of mind. The city is full of history, and a feel of living in a different era.
  • The train. It is said that the train ride from Bergen to Oslo is one of the most beautiful train rides in the world, and they are right. Best time to travel is when the sun is rising through the mountains. Also, sitting on the right side of the train is said to have better views. Don’t forget about the ‘Bar Cart’. In the middle of the train they sell alcohol and snacks, making the ride even more enjoyable. (Pack Dramamine if you get motion sick)DCIM104GOPROGOPR3958.JPG

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