Where in the world

Hi guys, when I first started this blog I was traveling around the world, planning adventures, and investigated systematically on where to stay and what to do, all while staying safe. 

I wanted to write about the places I’ve been, what I learned, and what I would have done differently so that anyone else who decides to travel to the same places as I, will have a ‘once in a lifetime’ vacation experience without stress and able to see everything wonderful these city’s have to offer. 

But now that I am back home in the US,  I only travel when I get time off work. Although there is no strategy to it, this blog has turned into a hub of things I find exhilarating to do on vacation, as well as platform of topics I feel important to voice. I hope reading this gives something people can relate to and give them the courage to experience different cultures.

Since I do work in the medical field I’m adding some things you can do to stay healthy while traveling. For example, healthy meals on the go, recipes, and exercising in small spaces (such as hotel rooms). 

“If you can aspire it, you can obtain it.”


North America